Our Story : How did it got started

Nafis Ahmad, a software enthusiast since childhood, always loved tinkering with computers and coding. His passion for software development only grew stronger over time.

After graduating from North South University, Nafis landed a job as a software engineer at a leading tech company. He quickly rose through the ranks, leading a team of developers in developing innovative new products.

Alongside his professional endeavors, Nafis Ahmad always kept busy with side projects. Software Lighthouse, his brainchild, began as one of these side projects.

A Dream of Own Company

Nafis Ahmad envisioned a company that would empower businesses of all sizes to achieve their digital goals. He aimed to build a company renowned for its innovative and user-friendly applications.

In 2016, Nafis Ahmad’s vision materialized with the founding of Software Lighthouse. He partnered with long-time colleagues, and together they embarked on a journey to establish a company that would serve as a beacon in the digital age.

Hybrid App Development Specialists

Software Lighthouse specializes in hybrid app development, creating applications that seamlessly run on both mobile devices and desktop computers. Hybrid apps are gaining traction as they offer businesses the best of both worlds: the extensive reach of mobile devices and the robust capabilities of desktop computers.

Passion for Innovative Solutions

This team of experienced developers is passionate about crafting innovative and user-friendly hybrid apps. They collaborate closely with clients to understand their business objectives and develop custom solutions tailored to their specific needs.

A Proven Track Record of Success

Software Lighthouse boasts a proven track record of helping businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, and government organizations, develop successful hybrid apps.

Notable Success Stories

One of the company’s most notable success stories is the development of a hybrid app for a government power distribution company and the Bangladesh Forest Department.

A Company on the Rise

Software Lighthouse is a company on an upward trajectory. They are committed to providing clients with the highest quality hybrid app development services. This passionate team is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their digital goals.

Software Lighthouse: A Beacon of Light in the Digital World