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Build A App like Uber


Build a App like Uber

Startups are building a service around a mobile app. These apps give you taxi to move around the city, bring food to your door. Software Lighthouse offers a 100 days app based service for Tech Startups.


100 days from (idea to App in Hand)

Software lighthouse is offering, 100 days app development service for tech startup. It will be cost effective service. Android and I-phone based apps, and Admin / Dispatch panel.


First 50 sales

For start up, first 100 sales are a big milestone. We will be working hand in hand with our clients to get first 50 sales using the App based service. For these first 50 sales, our team will help client with customer onboarding, customer care, logistic, marketing and publicity support. In this 50 sales we will keep track of customer acquisition cost (CAC).

Category Of Possible Apps

Project timeline and Payments by Milestones

Days Milestones Deliverables Payment in percent
Day 0
Milestones 0
Idea sharing
Meeting for Idea sharing, Contract signing
Day 7
Milestones 1
Planning and Design
A Printed copy of Page-wise Requiment Speciification
Day 30
Wirefame design for the full app of all the pages.Client Printout of the pages / screens.
Day 35
Meeting with Client with contents on the pages.
Day 50
Milestones 2
Walkthorw App
App and admin panel which walk throws all the pages. Client will have clear idea what will be the running version of the app. This workthorw app can be used to - Demo the app infont of investor and pitch deck presentation. -
Day 55
Client meeting: -Clarify the functionality of each pages. -Take all additional feature list -End of add new features in Verison 1
Day 75
Beta 1
Testing Phase 1 -Functional App / admin panel
Day 88
Beta 2
Testing Phase 2 -App Testing and system testing
Day 100
App lunching
App lunching and App delivery

Build Own Uber App Clone



Texi Services



Pick Up &Delivery



Food & Restaurant









Home Services

Develop An App Like Uber With The Best Uber
Like App Development Experts.

Main Components Service (based App)

Get the entire uber like app development solutions to accelerate your business towards a new height.

Customer App

Your customer is looking a easy to use app, which gives her all relevant feature. App much be working in her Android or iphone.

New users are those use first time in this
app, a web page or another tool applied to the digital environment.

Let customers book the services in a single tap whenever they desire.

Provide customers real-time updates of their requests via push messages or in-app chats.
Get paid easily using one of the many payment options integrated in your Uber like app.
Solve the queries of users using in-app chat or by calls to provide personalized experiences.
Let users see the details of their past requests so that they can repeat it easily.
Users can express their experience by providing star ratings and reviews in your Uber like app.
Let send SMS text messages and mobile alerts,they only reach users who have installed your app

Admin App

Admin panel helps you check on the customer and service provider work and update in realtime. Managing this business will be simple for customer care and officers using this panel.

View and manage records of all users registered in-app and analyze their profiles anytime.
Analyze the profiles of service providers and approve signup requests from a dashboard.


Keep a record of all transactions happening over app & pay service providers hassle-free.
Manage the pricing easily. Surge prices as per the situation to get maximum benefits.
Get useful insights and analyze how your business is performing so that you can grow faster.

Service Provider App

Your customer is looking a easy to use app, which gives her all relevant feature. App much be working in her Android or iphone.

Let service providers add information and upload their documents in-app easily to get registered.
Provide a simple interface to service providers so that they can manage bookings easily.
Service providers should get detailed information of every order/request they need to complete.
Let them track their payments and view pending payments to analyze their earnings and performance in-app.
Allow service providers to call or chat with customers in-app to serve them in an effective manner